Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HCCA Social #3

The moon bounce (The kids loved it)

Hello again fellow neighbors. Once again we had another wonderful social. This time it was hosted at Ayanna & Tim's house. As usual, the host chooses the details of the event. Ayanna & Tim decided not to have a topic for discussion and left it open to participants. The social was kid friendly and our hosts took it upon themselves to rent a moon bounce and provide various ice cream and Popsicle treats. It was also decided to have more than just wine. Tim and Ayanna grilled hot dogs and burgers (both were Turkey) and everyone brought a dish, wine or desert. Everything was delicious!

This social was the biggest yet with about 15 adults and just as many children.The great thing about this social was that many of the attendees didn't already know each other. It was a great time for everyone to get to know their neighbors.

Good food, wine and company

Since there were so many neighbors at the event, it is difficult to describe the many various conversations that took place. Some discussions were on schools. Other discussions were about DC politics and other community issues.

Redistricting! What's the 411?
Fill my cup up again. PLEASE! lol
I forget what time, but around 9 PM, Council Woman Alexander arrived at the social. Shortly after her arrival, Ayanna put Councilwoman Alexander on the spot and said that anyone that has any questions for her, now is the time. People were reserved at first until our good neighbor Michelle shouted, "Let's talk about redistricting!" Everyone laughed, then Yvette began to explain her thought process and how she came to her decision. First she started with an analogy.  Yvette asked us all, "How did you feel when the rumor was spread that Hillcrest was moving to Ward 8?" As she expected, everyone frowned their face and said, "I don't think so!" She said that the Hill East of Ward 6 in question to be moved to Ward 7 reacted in the same manner and voiced their opinion about it vehemently. After it was all said and done, it was decided that Ward 7 doesn't want residents that passionately don't want to be part of Ward 7. Yvette also explained all the growth and potential growth for Reservation 13. She also made additional statements on how the negotiations went down with Marion Barry (Ward 8) and Tommy Wells (Ward 6). I don't remember the details.

Costco is off the chain. We want Costco at skyline! Holla!!!
The next topic of discussion was skyline and the anchor store. We spoke about Wallmart, Target, Costco, BJs and Sam's Club as possible anchor stores. Some people mentioned that any of the aforementioned stores would suffice and other's didn't have much of an opinion. We all agreed that no matter which anchor store was chosen, we would need to stay on top of the store to make sure services were up to our expectations.
I left the party around 10:15 PM. As we were pulling off, my wife exclaimed, "WAIT, we forgot to get a piece of that Red Velvet Cake." So as a good husband should, I went back into the house and got a few pieces of Red Velvet Cake to go. We ate the cake as soon as we got home, ... it was DEEEEELICIOUS.

HCCA Social #3 was a huge success and thank you all who have participated. Hopefully we will see you next time. See below for additional pictures for your enjoyment.

Hello neighbor. My nam is...

Quit staring at my buns!

Tim says, "You don't have to go home, but you have to get the," well you know the rest.

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